Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day!

Honor Them

“Here is a trustworthy saying:
If we died with him,
we will also live with him;
…Keep reminding God’s people of these things.”
(2 Corinthians Verses 11 & 14)
Celebrate Memorial Day, pray for all who served; who went before us and all those that we love.

            For several years my son-in-law Rick played in the 451st Fort Smelling Army band. We went to a lot of parades and concerts and had a lot of fun. At each concert they traditionally played the military anthems of the Coast Guard, Army, Marines and Navy while the veterans in the crowd stood and saluted. Each time my eyes teared up with emotion when I thought what these people had done for all of us.
            There are places in the world where my writing these messages would be prohibited and criminal. That is not the case here. What makes America great is our freedom of speech, the ability to express ourselves and to hear from the other side in a common language. Abraham Lincoln said it like this:

“I am nothing but truth is everything.
I know I am right because I know that liberty is right,
for Christ teaches it, and Christ is God.”

Thought for Today: Today let us remember all who have gone before us and be thankful.

Prayer for Today: Dear Lord and Father, today we give thanks to all of those who have gone before us; those who have contributed to our lives today. First all of those who fought in our military that contributed to our freedom; second to our family ancestors who built or traditions and lifestyle; and last to Jesus who gave us grace. Amen

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Please read part two of this post!


"Flee the evil desires of youth,
and pursue righteousness, faith love and peace...
(2timothy 2 verse 22)

            Paul sounds a lot like my mom sounded during high school. During the teen years listening was not my strong suit. How could a ranked athlete and honor student be a bad guy? In my mind my record justified my behaviors and the price paid was ten years that today I refer to as my dark period. Those years were the times I spent learning how life really was a two way street as opposed to a one way street that I owned.
            Faith somehow stayed with me and praying was often present when the darkness was dominant. God was with me in spite of my behaviors. He was always there and I would reach out to him just as Popeye would grab for his spinach. And, just like Popeye’s spinach, He always came through for me. He will also come through for you.

Thought for Today: Today will not be perfect so keep your prayer close by and ask for support!

Prayer for Today: Dear Lord, today we thank you for the goodness in our lives and the hope and love that tomorrow will surely bring.


Part two, from a friend from my dark period!
God WAS there, we were just too caught up with ourselves and too stubborn to acknowledge His presence. We knew each other way back then (for part of that time) and neither you nor I were walking in the light. However, once the Holy Spirit got hold of us we were changed radically. "Reborn" you might say.
I'm thankful that you are in my life now and that you were in my life then. I have seen a marvelous change in you and I'm sure you have seen changes in me.
God bless you Bob. You are a good friend and God has allowed me to measure myself over these 40-50 years by seeing the changes in you. I pray I am measuring up to His plan for me and that you too are pleasing to Him

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Your Road?

Straight to our Heart

In the wilderness prepare
the way for the LORD[a];
make straight in the desert
a highway for our God.”
(Isaiah 40 vs. 3)

            When driving in the UK where the roads are windy and twisty, occasionally we come to a long straight road that goes on for miles. My wife, a Brit, explained to me that those are ancient Roman roads laid out 2000 years ago. I found that impressive.
            In ancient times leaders built roads in the desert for their armies to move. They are long and straight and efficient so they could move quickly. The valleys are filled by pushing the tops of the hills. They facilitated the need. In New England where I grew up there are very few straight roads. They paved the cow paths and horse trails which tended to follow the river beds. It is tough for strangers to find their way.
            The message today is that we need to be sure of our road to the lord; that it needs to straight. There needs to be a straight connection between God and our heart. We need to allow the simplest two way travel possible in our complex world; straight to our heart. 

Thought for Today: Today let’s think about where our road takes us; where are we going. Perhaps we can take a few bends out and travel straight. 

Prayer for the Day: Heavenly Father, we live in a complex world and are surrounded by too much activity and we are over committed. Today we thank you for being with us and pray that we may keep our hearts open to you and stay on a straight and holy path.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


“I come to the garden alone,
while the dew is still on the roses,
and the voce I hear falling on my ear,
the son of God discloses.
and he walks with me,
and he talks with me,
and he tells me I am his own,
and the joy we share as we tarry there,
none other has ever known."
(In the Garden, C. Austin Miles)
(Methodist Hymnal No. 314)
        The overwhelming support that we have as people of faith is certainly wonderful and one of the greatest advantages of Christianity. Often, as an A type personality, I awake before June and go jogging (now walking!) at sunrise, "...when the dew is still on the roses...”. The sound of mourning doves and early robins is the dominant sound rather than traffic or other social activity related noise. Often I find myself humming "In the Garden".
        Another time when it comes to mind is before a tough meeting or event. Whether a business meeting, neighborhood meeting or a hospital visit, it is great to know that you are never alone if you let Him join you.
        Many of you often see me with a lapel pin that is a pair of feet. They are from "Foot prints in the sand".  They are to invite conversation regarding the concept of walking with Christ every day. It is always an interesting conversation.
        We are blessed.
Thought for Today: This week let us simply remember that we are never alone. Let us enjoy His presence as we walk through our lives.
Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, we are certainly glad that you are here for support. Often the world around us is confusing and it is difficult to understand your wishes. However, we give thanks for the roll that you play in our everyday lives and the help you give you give our friends and families.