Sunday, May 21, 2017


Please read part two of this post!


"Flee the evil desires of youth,
and pursue righteousness, faith love and peace...
(2timothy 2 verse 22)

            Paul sounds a lot like my mom sounded during high school. During the teen years listening was not my strong suit. How could a ranked athlete and honor student be a bad guy? In my mind my record justified my behaviors and the price paid was ten years that today I refer to as my dark period. Those years were the times I spent learning how life really was a two way street as opposed to a one way street that I owned.
            Faith somehow stayed with me and praying was often present when the darkness was dominant. God was with me in spite of my behaviors. He was always there and I would reach out to him just as Popeye would grab for his spinach. And, just like Popeye’s spinach, He always came through for me. He will also come through for you.

Thought for Today: Today will not be perfect so keep your prayer close by and ask for support!

Prayer for Today: Dear Lord, today we thank you for the goodness in our lives and the hope and love that tomorrow will surely bring.


Part two, from a friend from my dark period!
God WAS there, we were just too caught up with ourselves and too stubborn to acknowledge His presence. We knew each other way back then (for part of that time) and neither you nor I were walking in the light. However, once the Holy Spirit got hold of us we were changed radically. "Reborn" you might say.
I'm thankful that you are in my life now and that you were in my life then. I have seen a marvelous change in you and I'm sure you have seen changes in me.
God bless you Bob. You are a good friend and God has allowed me to measure myself over these 40-50 years by seeing the changes in you. I pray I am measuring up to His plan for me and that you too are pleasing to Him

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