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 The following is a brief bio of Bob Pickering Sr. author of God is my Spinach
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Words from Bob:
After over 30 years in Sales Engineering I am a Christian author publishing a daily self help blog and book designed to help you develop your mind, guide you in physical fitness and especially help you with spiritual growth. I have no formal theological training, my application of each bible passage represents how I felt about it on the day. I believe this book is easily understood and will be a benefit to you.

Below is what four pastors have to say regarding me and these devotions:

Rev Richard Ireland, retired Methodist Pastor from Apple Valley Minnesota.
Bob Pickering offers "good news". This good news is grounded in Bob's faith and his life experiences. Sometimes it is offered with humor. Sometimes it is challenging. Sometimes it provides wonderful insights for living. Always, it provides a positive moment to begin each day.

Rev Michael Miller, retired Methodist pastor from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
A tongue in cheek criticism directed toward Christians asserts that often we’re “so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good.” These critics have obviously not read Bob Pickering’s weekly “Good News” devotionals.  From the ground up, Bob helps us to see how God is at work in the stew of our daily lives whether it is our work place, family relationships, personal struggles or world events. With Bob the glass is more than half full, rather it is overflowing with the abundant grace of God, shown to us through Jesus Christ. These succinct devotional reflections challenge us to grow in our faith. Bob does not just “talk the talk”. He “walks the walk” and he invites us to journey with him.
Rev Jim McChesney, retired Methodist Pastor from Roseville Minnesota.
There are many kinds of books in the World, and devotional books such as this one are among the most important because such books serve all kinds of people in their daily walk with God and their personal search for meaning in their families and careers; in the phases and chapters of their lives and times.
Bob Pickering developed these writings with a passion for life and a willingness to put these thoughts into print. He openly shares his heart and mind about daily life, about family life, about work and church life; about the world at large and the world close up.
We are all blessed by this writer as we read and let his thoughts and ideas come into our lives.His writing to us as gifts of grace through which God can touch us and even heal us in some places where we might be tired, or broken or confused.
Good writing Mr. Pickering!
Rev Ed Dubose Pastor of Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church, Golden Valley, Minnesota
I have had the privilege of know Bob Pickering for several years. Like many others I have enjoyed his many devotions. They seem to have the uncanny knack of showing up when I need them the most. Anyone who has read these devotions and anyone who is lucky enough to come across this book in its published form can form their own opinion about the devotions.
You can judge the devotions for as they stand, but I want to recommend to you the author. Bob is one of the few people that I look up to in many different areas of my life. Bob is a few years older than me, and he is one of my role models for how I want to retire. He and his wife June are the epitome of grace and hospitality...
When you read these devotions you will see how Bob can write about his faith. I want you to know that Bob lives his faith just as well.



  1. hi Bob,
    im a freshie in sales engineering, how would you help me deal with this job in the most Christian way? doing my job without compromising my Christian life.. thank you.

    1. Send an email to bobpickeringcomcast.net so I can answer.

  2. Bob: Just skimmed for now but definitely looks as though in addition to my Favorite Carkes Surgeon Morning & Evening & a few others here & there, Your Counsel each day may be most beneficial!! Thank You sooooo much for inviting me. By the way, I left my Heart NOT in San Francisco but the Twin Cities!!! Take care. ;)

  3. Should read: ..."Charles Surgeon..",. Oops!!


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